Is your terminal operating at its peak of productivity?

There is no doubt that we have been through a period where container terminals have faced a perfect storm due to the latest events in the industry, making operations more unpredictable than ever for terminal operators. An increase in Blank Sailings, delays at Yantian International Container Terminal, and Suez Canal delays have impacted operators worldwide. But…COVID-19 challenges aside, all these events and container volumes grow, increasing pressure on container terminals to handle their operations cost-effectively and efficiently.

The exponential increase in data processing brought about by the digital revolution marks the beginning of the “Age of Data.” We are in the midst of a period of rapid transformation in the economy, society, and our way of life. And these changes are having particularly far-reaching effects on the world of work.

Extrapolating this revolution to the Container Terminal industry, we should understand that data is the best tool to improve processes generating a considerable business impact. It is not about collecting as much data as possible but thinking about integrating data analytics into workflows. This way, companies can quickly respond and impact business in real-time via their monitoring tools and automation.

At eYARD, we understand your business problems at your container terminals, and then we use your data to solve them in an efficient & cost-effective way.

There is no doubt that software as a Service (SaaS) is disrupting the traditional models. Companies from different business areas are increasingly adopting new technologies.

What can we do? As Saas solution, we maintain responsibility for your data to get the best version of your business!

1. Reduce the number of unproductive moves.

2. We simulate and optimize.

3. Predict dwell time.

4. Allocate resources more efficiently

5. Decrease CO2 footprint.

6. We improve the quality of your services.

7. Increase ROA (Return on Asset).

8. By applying our technology, we achieve significant cost reductions.

We invite you to learn more in this easy infographic, «Get the most out of your data,» which explains how eYARD’s technology can bring your container terminal to its pick of efficiency!

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