How technology can help improve your Import-Full container operations!

If your main operation is import-full containers, you may be aware that in today’s world, yard planning is getting more complex by the day with a high increase in the number of unproductive moves. 

At eYARD, we are helping other import-full container terminals to improve their efficiency by applying predictive and forecasting algorithms to improve productivity.


How do we do it? 👇

Thanks to data and our predictive algorithms, eYARD’s technology can simulate thousands of different container locations, assigning different  KPIs to each location and calculating the optimal position to improve your main KPIs and metrics like crane productivity, truck turnaround time or additional costs from unnecessary moves.

We have developed two algorithms to make it possible:

  1. First, we calculated how long a container would stay at the terminal with a Predictable dwell time algorithm. 
  2. Then we use the Container positioning algorithm to calculate the best container position possible for each container at the yard.

Here we have an example of how our solution can simulate hundreds of different scenarios in a real container terminal to obtain  the best container allocation for each container, taking into account the terminal occupancy:

Why do we do that? 📈

By connecting our algorithm with your TOS, you will boost your terminal operations performance, allocating resources more efficiently and cutting costs considerably. 🚀

If you want to know more about how eYARD is helping terminals like yours, do not hesitate to book a demo with us!