eYARD´s personal story 

A few days ago, I shared with eYARD’s subscribers a little piece of my professional story with a personal twist. I thought it would also be good to share it with my wider network to outline our vision and how eYARD came along. I hope you enjoy the reading and I will be very happy to start a conversation to exchange thoughts and ideas. 

My name is  Pablo Fernández, CEO and co-founder at eYARD – although given the current pandemic the words that would probably best describe me are entrepreneurial father. It is common knowledge that the world has changed drastically and – as any change – it brings us new opportunities, hopes and aspirations. I truly believe that innovation and technology can help all of us achieve our goals and improve people’s lives around the world.

The above is the main reason why eYARD was created; to help planners, COOs, IT Specialists or CEOs achieve their goals and more specifically, allow terminals to become the port of reference. Through market research and analysis we identified unproductive moves as one of the largest hindrances for terminal operators, severely affecting cost.

Consequently, we figured out that applying the correct technology could help in better planning or utilising assets. This wonderful industry is going through important changes and innovation challenges and I am confident that together we can overcome. 

Being a sports guy myself, everything is about marginal gains. When I swim I always want to measure progress differently and take decisions that lead me on to making improvements. This helps me analyse my performance and understand the why’s. It is not an easy task but I believe that being open to learning is always important as it is only what we can measure that can be improved. This behavior also applies to my professional life. I have seen data being referred to as ‘the new gold’ but I think how we utilise data to make improvements is what really makes it valuable. This is the reason why eYARD exists. We want to make our expertise in artificial intelligence available to those who have the data in order to create strong solutions that drive operational improvements.

Until 1950 shipping was labor intensive and very costly. Hundreds of dock workers were loading and discharging vessels. The process was so time consuming that the ship would spend more time at port than on the sea. It was

Malcolm McLean who introduced the shipping container in 1956. Global trade grew exponentially during the next decades due to this standardized box. Containerization changed the world some decades ago and artificial intelligence is already transforming the industry. AI is helping solve complex problems that human brains are unable to  solve alone. Humans bring in the creativity, faith and passion but huge amounts of data or statistical decisions must be supported by AI. Human cooperation with intelligent machines will define the next era of history.

Malcolm McLean in 1957 at Port Elizabeth 

At eYARD, we are constantly looking for new partners to deploy our technology and help improve their operational efficiency. The world keeps on moving. We have two options: to stand still or to move with it. If your decision is to move on with it, get on board with eYARD to learn how to do so!

I would be more than happy to connect with you and continue the discussion. Please do not hesitate to reach out by emailing p[email protected] or via our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

Pablo Fernandez-Peña

 eYARD | CEO & Co- Founder