Working to keep data safe and sound…

Today we want to share with you some information that might be relevant in several areas of your daily routine and work. We are all immersed in a world of data but we do not know exactly what that means and even more importantly, how safe our data is.

Many traditional industries are grabbing hold of the fast-moving pace of technology and using it to their advantage. We all can see how technological innovations are transforming long-established industries, allowing them to think out of the box and adapting their processes to this reality. 

Ports-management and logistics industry is not getting left behind, and is also being influenced by technology to go deeper into cost-saving and to boost the efficiency within their yard processes.

One of the most common and crucial issues of new technologies are related to data security, which is one of the most important assets of any tech or non-tech-focused organization. Safeguarding data is crucial for meeting both legal and operational obligations of a business. That’s why, currently many companies consider that sharing data info is as challenging as crucial, so they are not willing to share their data even if they know it is essential for its company progress and scalability. The main reason for that is that they do not have enough information about how their data is going to be managed.  

For that reason, today we want to go into detail about this topic with the help of our eYARD´s CTOÁngel Castro, in order to share with you our view and give you some tips about how we manage it, making sure our clients are safe.

Innovative technologies such as AI are helping organizations to solve complex problems. But, are new technologies as safe as they are useful for optimization and organization’s benefits? How do you prevent hacking and data leaks? How safe is eYARD?

At eYARD, the safety and security of our customer’s data is one of our main concerns and has always been a top priority for the entire team. We took it so seriously that it’s a design pattern in our systems and not just an add-in. We implement multiple security layers, but one of my favourites is simply to reduce what we get and the way we manage our client’s data.

This is probably not a very common practice in the IT industry, where everybody looks to have a Diogenes syndrome with customer’s data. We only need limited information from your TOS, and we don’t collect other unnecessary data for our operations. That reminds me of my storekeeper from years ago. She knew my favourite kind of cheese or if I used to go to the shop on Mondays or Saturdays. Those chunks of information were relevant for her business. But my blood type or my bank balance was useless for her, so she didn’t even ask about them. This very same principle rules for us.

Another way we use to reduce the attack vectors is not to connect your systems to retrieve data. Container movements data is pushed from your TOS to our systems. No backdoor or VPN/similar is required in your infra because of eYARD, therefore your system’s exposed surface will be minor. 

We will love working on these concepts. So do not hesitate to safe some time for a call with us where we can talk deeply about all the technology we can use to keep your #terminal working and your data and operations #safe with significant #shiftings, costs, and CO2 reductions.

March 23, 2021